Iditarod® Race Training

Iditarod® Training Camp

Vern Halter’s Dream a Dream Sled Dog Farm offers a professional Iditarod® Training Camp for Iditarod® hopefuls and seasoned racers who are ready to live their dream of competing in or finishing the Greatest Race on Earth. For more information, contact us here.

  • Comfortable, private lodging
  • Racing sled
  • A team of racing sled dogs
  • Easy access to training trails
  • Mushing and race training
  • Dog care training

Introductory Musher’s School

Four days, three nights: $1049 pp
For ages: – 18 to 60 (good health, active, athletic)
Guests: Minimum 2 – Maximum 4

This is our exclusive working and learning program designed to advance you to a competent musher in days.  Stay in our bed and breakfast-the Iditarod Suite or the Yukon Quest Suite.  Learn the way of an Iditarod musher; work with and be with our great sled dogs.  Drive your own teams daily.  You will be an integral part of the whole operation from start to finish.  You will feed, and care for the dogs, harness and unharness.  You will carry gear and supplies in the sled.  You will be responsible for your team and your own well being but you will be supervised by an experienced Iditarod Musher.

Driving a team is an art – you need to relax and move with the sled and trail.  We will instill confidence in you as you stay here.  You will do night runs.  Your final day we take dog teams out on the actual Iditarod Re-Start trail leaving Willow.  We will head out to the Big Su River for our run.

Clothing to bring:

  • Several layers long underwear – one wool blend / tops and bottoms
  • Gortex shells – top and bottom – fleece layer top – and a vest
  • Gloves, sock – wool mitts
  • Thirty below winter boots – Beta Bunny boots if possible
  • Insulated Winter bibs
  • Iditarod rated Parka-a good one with hood
  • Musher caps and balaclava
  • General work clothing